I am looking for a rehearsal venue that I can use weekly. It is for pole dance lessons. It would be great if they already have poles but this is unlikely. My maximum budget for hire space is £30 without poles and £50 with poles (a minimum of 5 poles must be there if it costs this much!).

I would like it to take a capacity of at least 20 people. If i am to provide poles they would need to store them for me. I need solid ceilings or wooden beams to be able to put the poles up. It needs to be within 5 minutes walk from a tube.

Areas I am looking in are London Bridge, Bank, Liverpool Street, Canary Wharf, Waterloo, Canada Water, Southwark, Green Park.

I would like to start next weekend so need an urgent response. Ideally I am looking for somewhere with availabilities on Sunday. If it had additional avails on Saturday mornings, monday or Tuesday evenings this would be a bonus but not essential (this is for expansion over time not immediate classes).

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