Maud Madlyn

"The process of listing our venue on the website was very simple and straightforward. We were able to highlight all the features that make our venue unique and really feel like the website gives us an engaging and honest window to promote this space we're so very fond of. The RehearsalSpaceFinder team is fantastic in keeping us updated on company enquiries and in chasing reviews from people who have used our theatre...we're just starting out but we already  have a 5 star review and great feedback!"

Jelica Obican
"Ever since we had our venue on RehearsalSpaceFinder, we had an abundance of rehearsal enquiries, which doesn't happen with other websites we're listed on. Many of the enquiries ended up in actual bookings and we currently have a couple of theatre companies that are regular clients booking the studio for at least one week every month."
Nina Malone
"The RehearsalSpaceFinder team does an excellent job in supporting our marketing activities and in helping to find bands for our rehearsal rooms when there are last minute cancellations. Very helpful and nice people, I am well impressed!"
Alex Hurwitz
"Adding a listing on RehearsalSpaceFinder was very easy, and it’s great that one can edit the listing as one pleases after it has been submitted . We received quality leads via the website and have reached multiple clients that may not have found us otherwise! Having direct contact to the client is a very useful feature of the RehearsalSpaceFinder website. It is always good to be listed with a website that clearly gives a positive experience to the users at both ends!"
Mark Roberts
"We’re very happy to be included in such a comprehensive and professional listings site – RehearsalSpaceFinder is a great resource."
Sam Houselander
"An excellent website, very easy to navigate. It does a great job in linking people between local studios."
Glenn Kesby
"I really like the site and love that one can search by different keywords and location – very helpful and it should help potential customers know more about what we can offer before they call."
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