Why list with us?

  • Get the exposure you deserve: Have a great space, but people don’t know about it? We’ll do the marketing for you! Just sit back and watch as we drive traffic to your website!
  • Get more bookings: Every day hundreds of visitors come to our site searching for a rehearsal space. We’ll send them your way so you never have an empty slot.
  • Save on marketing expenses: Are you spending money on Google adwords or on directory listings that don’t bring you clients? We deliver qualified leads at no cost to you.
  • Exceptional customer service: Last minute cancellation? We help you fill up your booking. Need help with your social media campaigns? You can count on us.

How do I add a listing?


It only takes 3 minutes and will save you much more!

1. Create an account

create an account

Creating an account with Rehearsal Space Finder is easy. Simply enter a user name, a password and your email and you’re good to go! You can also register with your existing Facebook or Twitter account reducing the registration process to a single click. Start creating your listings in no time!

Create an account

2. Submit your listing

Add a listing
Submitting a listing using Rehearsal Space Finder is super simple. From your account dashboard click on “Submit Listing”, select a package and start entering the details of your listing. Click on “Preview” and proceed to the next page where you get a preview of how your listing would look like. On the preview page make sure to click on “Submit Listing” in the top right corner to get to the next page where you need to add your contact information and click the “Sign up now” button at the bottom of the page to finalise your order.

You can list your venue free of charge. The basic service allows you to add up to 5 spaces with a detailed description of each listing (amenities, price, size, opening hours, etc.) and as many photos as you wish. You can also add an e-mail address for delivering messages transmitted via the contact form.

Submit Your Listing

3. Sit back and watch as you get more bookings

Once your listing is online it will be showcased to the thousands of artists and producers who find a rehearsal space via our site. Rehearsal Space Finder helps you cut back on advertising expenses. We’ll do the marketing for you! Just sit back and watch as we drive traffic to your website!

Would you like to get some extra exposure? Check out our premium packages.