We are looking for a sizeable, featureless rehearsal space that we can use to rehearse and eventually film a theater piece (the space will be listed in the credits). We need room for approx. 10 actors plus a cameraman and 2x sound guys to move around freely. We also need a space that are willing to allow us to make several bookings in advance, as the project is expected to last late Spring to late Summer 2020.
The project is set mostly during a bank heist and the resulting getaway so we need a venue that is okay with the use of fake blood (the crew will take responsibility for cleaning any mess this causes) and prop guns (the guns will never fire any form of ammunition, though loud SFX will be used to simulate gunfire).

Half the cast / crew are based in Cardiff with the other half scattered around the Pontypridd area. Venues in (or between) these places are preferable, but cast and crew are willing to travel if a venue suits our needs.

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