I’m looking for a rehearsal space for 4 days / week x 4 weeks x 4 hours, the exact dates not yet set. We will be playing primarily small pub venues so a room 12m x 10m is not too crowded. I don’t need anything technical beyond overhead lights and heat and ventilation depending on the time of year. I will need to schedule some rehearsals ending late on weeknights and also weekend hours. It can be a church hall or classroom, it doesn’t need to be a specialist facility. I’d like options up to £15/hour but as I and my team will be coming from all different directions (north, south, west and Essex) it needs to be easily and quickly accessible or I in particular won’t be able to get home at night (the more central the better). It would be good if the room had some desks and chairs. Free WiFi is a definite bonus.

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