A small group of us are shooting a short film and will need access to a small rehearsal space (preferably sound proof) and a shower to film in – not communal to others in the building if poss.

We are looking to mainly film in a shower but also require a rehearsal space for us to block out / rehearse with the cast and potentially shoot some scenes. There will only be about 6 of us at any time so a large space is not necessary. We wish to stay in North London, but open to other areas within the M25.

The shower is essential, and preferably not communal so we can work without disturbing anyone else. Our Shoot day is Sunday 6th august but we are flexible with time, if any spaces are open later in the evening, this could be better for us using the showers in peace. We would like the space to be soundproof if poss.

Our budget is small, but willing to spend £200 for 6/7 hours.

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