I’m looking for a rehearsal space in London for three days between 6 and 9 June. This is for rehearsing a small chamber opera project. We have five singers and five musicians. We need a space where we don’t have to worry about making a bit of noise – and a place where we also have some room to move around. A church hall or similar would be fine as we’re at the very early stages of workshopping. This is an independent project with a small amount of R&D funding so I’m looking for something budget rather than deluxe.

We also need a mixer and small PA but can bring that if necessary if the venue itself is affordable.

I’m based in Elephant and Castle so something in Lambeth or Southwark would be ideal but we’re prepared to travel.

We have quite a tricky setup so ideally need a space where don’t have to dismantle everything at night but can keep it in place.

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