I am producing a music video and in my search of the location a friend recommended me your website! I definitely think we can work something out! Shooting is the 14th and 15th of October.

We are telling a special story, 2 professional fighters that have been training and competing different martial arts during 20 years. One of them suffered a depression and her experience shaped this idea. It is a nice story with a very talented crew but we are all collaborating and working for lower rates because we don’t have a huge budget. It is a self-funded passion project, looking very good so far.

I need a “big” space to be able to lighted up 2 people (WS) in a “black limbo” (so we can’t see the background, we don’t have space reference). It can be a studio, big storage, industrial space, what ever but big enough and for a prize that can work in our budget…! If the floor is not nice and clean it would be better!

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