I am looking for studio space for my event (a week long ballet course for adults) which is going to be held on 14-20 July (Sunday to Saturday). I originally had a booking with a venue, however they are now unable to host me.

I’m looking for 2 dance studios for the week. There will be 10-40 people per group sessions. All the privates will be one-to-one or few-to-one. We will be happy to swap to a smaller studio for the smaller sessions.

The expected capacity is the maximum I’m prepared to allow, and I’m still accepting sign ups. If only smaller studios are available I would be happy to reduce the maximum.

Essential requests:
– Sprung floor
– Zone 1 or 2 location. If outside of zone 2, then walking distance to a tube station.
– 2 studios in the same location or very close proximity

Preferable requests:
– Harlequin vinyl dance floor. Or if they have wood floor, then agreement to allow us to tape rolls of harlequin vinyl dance flooring on their floor for the week. In which case we would keep all the pointe classes in the room with the harlequin floor.
– mirrors (does not need to be across the whole room)
– ballet barres, whether wall fixed or portable. If no portable barres available then agreement to allow us to bring our own and store in that space for the week
– sound system to allow plugging in a phone to play music. If none available then we have portable speakers. Indication if I need to take care of any PPL or PRS licences.
– breakout area for dancers at break time
– changing facilities and toilet access
– free access in and out of building during hire times

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