We are looking for two separate venues for two different parts of our filming.

At this stage we are looking at a range of dates and venues and so are compiling a shortlist.

We need space for the filming of a choir competition. We take 4 amateur choirs in the later stages of the competition and the choirs undertake an intensive 3 day training course. This is usually carried out in a location that comprises of 4 dance classrooms (big mirrors etc in the rooms) with a big final performance in a theater / stage setting.

At the final stage of the entire competition the finalists compete on an impressive stage – something that really wows the audience and creates a dramatic first impression on the choirs.

We would in addition be looking for general facilities (potentially accommodation, catering facilities and a small office space).

If possible I would like to check the following dates:

For the 3 day training dates we would be looking for 3 consecutive days between 17th July – 22nd July inclusive and for the big grand final we would be looking at 1 day between Wed 3rd Aug – Fri 5th Aug inclusive.

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