I am currently looking for a venue for June / July 2017. It’s a a rather unusual project. This is a theatre production performing out of Philadelphia that features two actors in two different countries. The London actor will be live streamed and projected live into our Philadelphia theatre. Hence, I am looking one of two things.

1) a london area studio that could both house our actor during his stay and also double as the venue from which he would be live streamed into Philadelphia.

2) Just the studio.

The studio needs to be open 24 / 7 (performances will be US time so we would need the space until 1am during performances). It would need to be close to public transport.

Most importantly the studio needs a fast internet connection (hard line).

It does not have to be that large. Minimum 8m x 10m.

We are looking for somewhere from June 25th through to July 25th.

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