I’m looking for a rehearsal space, preferably in West London (the closer to Notting Hill Gate the better). Ideally the space would need to comfortably fit 30 people in and be big enough to move around- for example something like 8x11m is a good size.

I haven’t got locked in dates as of yet but the space will be used for up to 4 weeks (Monday- Saturday 10am-6pm) at a time (for each show). I can roughly say we would need the space from:
• mid-August to mid-September 2019
• 14th October -11th November 2019 (these dates are for definite)
• Mid-December 2019 to mid-January 2020 (excluding week commencing 23rd and 30th December)
• End of January to mid-February 2020
My budget is fairly small- I’m looking to spend £700 a week so I don’t need a really nice space, just as long as the space is big enough and not too far.

It would be nice if there was a kitchenette, easy transport links, natural lighting and exclusive use.

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