We are currently releasing a new initiative whereby we set up weekly practise sessions for all musicians at Kings to jam and practise together, which will lead up to a showcase gig at the end of the term. We are having some trouble though with finding a suitable practise space that has the necessary equipment (amps, cables, heavy equipment!) and the availability for a couple hours (3-4 hours in the afternoon) every Wednesday to allow us to come in and let groups play.

We don’t need anything fancy or high-tech and we won’t even need to record; just a space we can assign for students to come and practise every Wednesday. They can bring their own instruments, we will just need microphones, amps, etc. all equipment needed to practise in a rock band set-up. Myself and the two other members of the committee would be around for the whole duration of the practise to ensure that everything is running smoothly and okay.

We would be having 3 bands of 4-5 people with a regular rock/pop set up of a drum kit, guitars and vocals. We would therefore need microphones, guitar and bass amps and a drum kit in the rehearsal space. We would like the space for 3 hours or so.
We are students at King’s College London, so any studio that is located relatively near would be suitable!
In terms of budget, the cheapest possible options; we are a university society and have limited funds. If we could just be given some options of spaces that would,
1. be willing to accomodate us on a weekly basis on a wednesday (for 3-4 hours)
2. have the equipment for a rock band set up
3. located near king’s college london (or a commute that is under 45 minutes)
4. as cheap as possible!

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