About RehearsalSpaceFinder
What is RehearsalSpaceFinder?
What kind of venues do you list?
Can I book a venue via your website?
Finding a rehearsal space
How do I search?
I cant find any spaces that match my criteria
Can you help me find a rehearsal venue?
Adding a listing
How do I add a listing?
How many listings can I add?
How many listings should I add?
I have spaces at two different locations. How do I add them?
My spaces are managed by different people. Can I set up multiple contact email addresses?
Plans and Pricing
Is it really free?
What kind of packages do you offer?
How do I change my package?
How often can I change my package?
How do I pay for the premium plans?
Can I downgrade my plan?
Do you offer a money back guarantee?

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